Pedestrian X - Bane

June 16, 2000 at 924 Gilman St, Berkeley, CA

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Words from Bane on the show at Gilman street from the Bane Tour Diary:

The show at Gilman.... let's see if I can find words to articulate how fucking cool this show was... hundreds of kids... going off for every band... every band going off.... total good vibes all around. This tour has been a dream. I literally feel indestructible... like we can do no wrong, it's better than I've felt on tour for a long time. Thank you to all the kids for letting the last and most important part of the process come into form.... you are bane... Truly, we don't make this music for the record label or for the thrill of it or for the best mosh..... we write this for people who have nothing to hold onto, people who are screaming along the highway "crying to a full blast stereo" the ones who are at the shows getting it... who are going home with that electricity flowing the fuck through them. I'm not talking about the fleeting adrenaline of a stagedive or a fucking singalong... I'm talking about real, tangible emotion... a connection... on this tour, for these first four days already, I feel that connection. We are dying in this van for you and it's worth it. It truly is. -nick.